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22 Secrets To Making More Money When You Sell…

Saturday, February 22, 2014, 10:00am – 12:00pm

Why do many homes sell quickly and for top dollar…while some sit unsold, and others sell under market value? And why do some homesellers get stuck paying unneeded costs, while others don’t?

Discover my 22 secrets, tips, and techniques to sell faster, get a higher price, attract multiple offers, cut extra costs, avoid costly delays, and prevent a last-minute escrow cancellation. You’ll Learn…

  • 7 Rules To Pricing Your Home so you get top dollar
  • How to attract multiple bidders & sell OVER list price
  • The completely DIFFERENT way people buy homes today
  • This clever & unique marketing idea sets your home apart
  • Here’s how many agents sabotage their sellers, costing $1,000s
  • The one time you absolutely, positively do NOT want a bidding war
  • Stop unethical agents from inflating their price estimate of your home
  • This simple psychological “trick” helps sell your home for more $$!
  • My “Top 10 Cheap Fix-Ups” to increase your home value
  • How to get on buyers’ all-important “want to see” lists
  • Don’t say this if you talk with buyers or their agents
  • Why selling “As Is” won’t work & can even backfire
  • Can a pre-sale home inspection save you money?
  • Why you WANT your agent to offend you…???
  • When to “test the market” for a higher price
  • Quickly find out how high your buyer will go
  • Avoid paying 3 TIMES for one repair
  • Sidestep unqualified buyers
  • 5 tips to avoid costly lawsuits
  • When to use “value range pricing”
  • Ignore the “2% Rule” at your peril
  • Profitable do-it-yourself homestaging tips
  • Should your home be professionally staged?

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FLYER – 22 Secrets To Making More Money When You Sell 2014

**FREE DRAWING Dinner for Two**