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Free Seminar: Selling A Home In A Living Trust

UTC Mall – Saturday, October 18, 2014, 10am-Noon (*9:45 am sign-in)

You Should Attend This Free Seminar If You…

  • Are listed as successor trustee of someone’s trust
  • Are a beneficiary (heir) to a living trust
  • Own and a home and have – or don’t have – a living trust
  • Are a professional fiduciary

There’s a lot to know when you sell a home or other real estate in California. And even more when it’s in a trust of someone who passed away. You’ll need to know a variety of laws, procedures, liabilities, pitfalls, myths, mistakes, best practices, tips, and “how-to”s. Come hear Living Trust Attorney and expert Heidi Klippel and 30-year Realtor Gary Kent explain what you must know when selling a home or other real estate as a successor trustee or fiduciary. When you attend, you’ll discover…

  • Is your home even in your trust? Many aren’t! Here’s how to know!
  • What disclosures are successor trustees exempt & not exempt from?
  • Common items trustees forget to disclose… & can be sued for!
  • Tax form you must file to avoid sending big $$$ to the IRS
  • 2 dangerous myths about successor trustees & disclosures
  • Perils of adding adult children as co-owners of your home
  • $99 solution to most of your disclosure requirements
  • 9 requirements successor trustees must meet
  • Shortcut to deal with possessions & “clutter”
  • How to find out the best estate sale people
  • Easy way to avoid a common $500 expense
  • How to deal with family or tenants in the home
  • To fix up or not to fix up the home, that is the question!
  • Can you sell/give the home to yourself??
  • What if you own a home NOT in a trust?
  • How should you price a home for sale?
  • Benefits of getting “stepped up basis”
  • Joint tenancy vs. tenants in common
  • How to keep a low Prop 13 tax base
  • What is the “prudent investor rule”?
  • Don’t make THIS home selling error
  • Do you need a home appraisal?
  • 5 smart home selling tips

FREE to the public/Realtors Pay $495 Attendance Fee!

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*FREE DRAWING Dinner for Two*

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