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Gary Kent Real Estate | Buying a Messy San Diego Home

Buying a Messy San Diego Home

by / Monday, 05 December 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

“My wife and I have been looking at San Diego homes and can’t believe how much of a mess some are. We went into one that had piles of old newspapers and junk stacked all the way to the ceiling. I’d never buy a home in the disgusting condition some are offered in. Do agents tell sellers how to get their property ready for showings?”


Some agents don’t advise their clients. Others do, but the seller is unwilling or unable to take their advice.

But here’s a different perspective…

If you wanted to buy a car and saw one that screamed “Wash Me,” would you cross it off your list just because it was dirty?

The same goes for a house! A disgusting, filthy house full of junk could be a great opportunity for you.

If it just needs some cleaning, junk hauled away (that the seller would have to do, per contract), and a few other cosmetics… and …if you can get the home at a good price because other buyers who lacked vision crossed it off their list… then you might get what everyone wants:

A “good deal.”

So the next time you’re househunting, surprise your spouse: Act repulsed by the nice ones and get excited about the ones that make you wish you were wearing a hazmat suit.