Free Report: Avoid Being Sued

In California real estate, no matter what you do, you can always be sued.  It just can’t be prevented.

But, you can greatly decrease the odds that you’ll be sued…

Here’s how:

  1. Use a highly skilled, experienced real estate agent or team to sell your home.
    It’s just plain obvious that a good, experienced agent is going navigate you more safely through a complex real estate transaction. (Of course, the tough part is determining which agent is really skilled and experienced.) And such an agent will help you with #2 and #3 below.
  2. Use all the legally required and recommended forms.
    Incredibly, too many real estate agents literally break the law and leave their clients unnecessarily exposed by not using all the needed forms. It’s not that they’re bad people. It’s because real estate is so highly regulated and complex. It’s DIFFICULT to do it all right.
  3. Disclose everything completely & CORRECTLY.
    Did you know that you can get yourself into hot water just by the WAY you disclose something? There you are, trying to do the right thing, and as a “thank you” you get hauled into court and have to hire an attorney! It’s not fair. But who said it would be?
  4. There’s More . . . . .

Download the FULL REPORT with More Tips on How to Avoid Being Sued

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