Question: “We have our home listed and an agent who showed the house called us asking about why we’re selling, when we’d like to move, and if we had other offers. Is that normal?” Answer: Absolutely NOT! That practice is unethical and possibly illegal. The only communication the buyer’s agent should initiate with you should

Question: “I’d really like to get a home with a pool in the backyard. How much more is that likely to cost?” Answer: Great question. There’s a lot of misinformation amongst the public and even agents on this topic. Some people say that a pool adds no value, while others even say it makes a

This week’s crazy building is the Walkie Talkie Building in London, England. Officially called “20 Fenchurch Street”, this distinctive skyscraper was dubbed the Walkie Talkie building due to its unusual shape. Later, though, the Walkie Talkie began to pick up other, even less flattering nicknames: The “Walkie Scorchie” and the “Fryscraper.” Why the strange monikers? As

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Question: “I sold a rental house for $400,000 and am doing a 1031 tax deferred exchange. There was no loan, so I have $375,000 in my exchange account. I’m buying in Texas and my agent there says I must buy for $400,000. Is he correct? I thought only had to use my cash from the

Question: “I’m not sure if this makes sense. An agent told me that remodeling and new paint and carpet don’t increase the value of my home, they just make it sell faster?” Answer: That’s nonsense. I’ve heard that many times and never understood the “logic.” All smart improvements should increase the value of your home,

Question: “Hi Gary, I don’t really want a condo. They’re not a good investment, with the homeowner fee and that they don’t go up in value. A house is a much better investment, don’t you think?” Answer: I hear that all the time, and I would respectfully disagree. Of course, you have your personal preferences,

This week’s crazy building is Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This unusual structure consists of three massive building columns, with a long, thin roof section reminiscent of a flattened cruise ship perched across the top. According to the designer, famous architect Moshe Safdie, it was inspired by by a deck of cards. Due both to

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Question: “We have four units in Ocean Beach we want to sell. It’s a house plus a triplex in back. An agent calculated the value for us as four units, but shouldn’t the value be equal to the price of a house plus the price of a triplex added together?” Answer: I wish the answer

Question: “I got two letters today. One was from someone saying they wanted to buy my rental condo. Another was from an agent saying he has someone who wants to buy my home. Do you think these are for real?” Answer: Yes and no. Almost all letters saying someone (or some group) wants to buy

Question: “Hi Gary, we’re hoping to buy a home soon. We’re seeing a lot of houses for sale in our neighborhood. Looks like the market is picking up. Would you agree?” Answer: Actually, seeing a lot of For Sale signs is more indicative of the market slowing down than picking up. That’s because a hotter